Primero Is Poised To Be An Intra-City Bus Operator, Not Inter-City.

By 11th August 2021 No Comments

Targeting to provide 2,000 buses to pick up a million passengers per day, operators of the Blue BRT buses in Lagos state project a positive recovery phase of businesses to Ikorodu News Network (INN).

Fola Tinubu Primero MD

Fola Tinubu, Managing Director, Primero.

In our recent interview with the managing director, Primero Transport Services Limited, one notion stood firm as Mr Fola Tinubu imbibes an intra-city approach to propelling transportation with his brand.

“We have been invited to Abuja and Oyo state in plans to expand our services across the federal republic of Nigeria. Though consensus has not been reached yet, we believe going forward in executing our operations, the intra-city model of transportation is the way for us, not inter-city approaches.”

“Every state would apply a unique regulation to bind operations of our type of business. And adopting the intra-city bus operation will help in meeting up with varieties of policies and procedures presented.”

“While we’re looking at getting it right in Lagos state first by meeting up with our intended goal of providing 2,000 buses carrying over one million passengers daily; we will keep our door open to operate in other states of the federation due to the invitations we’ve received,” Mr Fola Tinubu asserted.

Source: Ikorodu News Network