Bus journeys can be paid for using passenger cards or paper tickets purchased at designated bus shelters, and are subject to validations at point of entry and routine checks during the journey by our trained Inspectors.  Passengers are advised to keep their cards and tickets safe for the duration of the journey.

  • Currently, there are three (3) card options for commuters – Lagos Connect cards, bank contactless EMV cards and the Cowry cards.
  • Cowry and Lagos Connect cards can be preloaded at the various bus shelters and the E-Purse_e-Shop platform with values from N400.
  • Bus Validators (managed by E-Purse Systems Ltd) are located at the entrance (when boarding) and exit of the bus (when alighting from the same bus) for commuters to tap in and tap out (check-in and check-out) at the start and end of their journeys.
  • With effect from January 1st, 2021, paper tickets will be phased out and only card payments will be accepted on all buses.
  • Please contact designated sales agents at bus terminals for the purchase of the passenger cards.

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