Welcome onboard PRIMERO BRT BUS.

Please note that your safety is our priority from point of embarking to disembarking.

We embrace 3 forms of proactive risk avoidance. They are:

  1. Safety, 2. Safety and 3. Safety.

In order to achieve these goals, we advise our esteem commuters to comply with the following safety rules:

  1. In order to checkmate the spate of casualties and deaths on our corridor “ NO BUSMAN IS ALLOWED TO EXCEED THE SPEED LIMIT OF 45KmpH (for human consideration infiltrating our corridor);
  2. Do not assault/insult a busman. This is HIGHLY PROHIBITED (report his misbehavior to Primero Customer Care Unit or any ground staff);
  3. Be polite in your approach to any staff you are in contact with and your issue will be attended to;
  4. Busman might be required to reduce his or her speed further on Red Spot Areas during peak periods between Ikorodu – Ojota for pedestrians. Please cooperate and be patient;
  5. Report any unsafe observations to customer care or security and safety officers on the corridor;
  6. Do not stand on the bus passage marked yellow. The possibility of it submerging is real as a result of overweight;
  7. Inflammable substance/liquid is not allowed in the bus;
  8. Should there be an emergency, please remain calm and listen to instructions.
  9. Be careful with your loose fitting or clothing while entering or exiting the bus.
  10. Do not take on the bus weapons or any dangerous, flammable, hazardous or illegal items that can cause hazard or inconvenience.
  11. Stay well clear from the kerbs as the bus arrives the shelter
  12. Always wait for the bus to come to complete stop and the door open before getting down.
  13. To avoid falling & pick-pockets, please queue and board the bus in sequence
  14. Ensure the bus has parked close to the kerb before climbing on the first step
  15. Board the bus one-at-a-time and try not to push.
  16. Standing passengers should hold the hand rail to avoid fall.
  17. Always use the hand rail when ascending or descending steps
  18. Beware of inclement weather mind what you put on to avoid slips and falls.
  19. Pay attention to the safe keeping of your wallet, key, cellular phones and other valuables.
  20. When on the bus, enjoy your ride but see to it that you don’t forget your belongings unguarded and when disembarking.
  21. Allow people with disabilities to use the priority seating in the middle of the bus
  22. Please do not talk to the busman to avoid distraction
  23. Hold on to the railings and steady yourself to prevent falls when standing or walking through the bus
  24. Do not extend your legs or other personal belongings into the aisle. This can present a tripping hazard.
  25. The bus windows must be closed at all times
  26. Avoid opening or tampering with emergency windows, except during an emergency.
  27. Be courteous at all times to both fellow passengers and the driver.
  28. Smoking in the bus is highly prohibited
  29. Radios and tape recorders may be used for your listening pleasure only without disturbance to others.
  30. Refrain from having loud and /or vulgar conversations on the bus.
  31. Report any suspicious items or activities immediately to any ground staff.
  32. Do not create unsanitary conditions on the buses or at bus stops
  33. Help keep buses and bus-stops clean by using any nearby trash bin
  34. The fire extinguisher is located behind the driver’s seat
  35. There are two emergency exits hatch in the roof above the center aisle

Let’s be safety cautious at all times.

You can always send an email to safety@primerotsl.com as regards any safety enquiry

We thank you for using Primero TSL