Welcome onboard PRIMERO BRT BUS.

Please note that your safety is our priority from point of embarking to disembarking.

We embrace 3 forms of proactive risk avoidance. They are:

1.Safety, 2. Safety and 3. Safety.

In order to achieve these goals, we advise our esteemed commuters to comply with the following safety rules:

  1. The use of nose cover is compulsory in all BRT buses.
  2. To reduce the number of casualties and deaths on our corridor, NO BUSMAN IS ALLOWED TO EXCEED THE SPEED LIMIT OF 45KmpH.
  3. Do not assault/insult a busman. This is HIGHLY PROHIBITED (report his misbehavior to Primero Customer Care Unit or any ground staff).
  4. Busman might be required to reduce his or her speed further on Red Spot Areas during peak periods between Ikorodu – Ojota for pedestrians. Please cooperate and be patient.
  5. Do not stand on the bus passage marked yellow. The possibility of it submerging as a result of overweight is real.
  6. Should there be an emergency, please remain calm and listen to instructions.
  7. Be careful with your loose-fitting clothing whilst boarding or exiting the bus.
  8. Dangerous weapons, inflammable substances/liquids, hazardous or illegal items are not allowed on the bus.
  9. Stay well clear from the kerb as the bus arrives at the shelter. Ensure the bus is parked close to the kerb before boarding.
  10. Always wait for the bus to come to a complete stop, and the doors are open before alighting.
  11. To avoid falling & pick-pockets, please queue and board the bus in sequence.
  12. Passengers standing should hold the hand rail to avoid falling.
  13. Beware of extreme weather conditions. Mind what you put on to avoid slips and falls.
  14. Keep an eye on your belongings at all times, and do not forget anything when alighting the bus.
  15. Allow people with disabilities to use the priority seat in the middle of the bus.
  16. Please do not talk to the busman to avoid distraction.
  17. Do not extend your legs or other personal belongings into the aisle. This is a trip and fall hazard.
  18. Avoid opening or tampering with emergency windows, except during an emergency.
  19. Smoking on the bus is highly prohibited.
  20. Report any suspicious items or activities immediately to any ground staff.
  21. Do not create unsanitary conditions on the buses or at bus stops.
  22. The fire extinguisher is located behind the driver’s seat.
  23. There are two emergency exit hatches in the roof above the center aisle.
  24. Avoid tailgating BRT buses within and outside the BRT corridors.

Let’s be safety conscious at all times.
You can always send an email to safety@primerotsl.com as regards any safety enquiry
We thank you for using Primero TSL.